Our lawyers come from diverse backgrounds, are all multilingual and have been educated at some of the finest law schools worldwide. We pride ourselves on bringing a global perspective to our approach in providing high quality legal services whilst incorporating a deep understanding of local customs and business and legal environments in addressing our clients’ needs.

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Mohammad F. Mattar
Rafic M. Mouawad
Rabeh F. Matar
Youssef S. el Khazen
Fadi B. Nader
Mansour Bou Sader

Marie-Therese Auger
Mounir K. Moghnieh
Ziad A. Mouallem

Tony B. Abou Antoun
Elie A. Attieh
Anissa M. Aziz
Nour Ch. Badreddine
Nour Ch. Badreddine
Sahar A. Baker
Pascale G. Gebrael
Louay D. Ghandour
Maya J. Moughanni
Nadwa I. Ramadan
Abbas A. Skeine
Maya A. Torbey
Charbel E. Zgheib